General Patton’s Sailboat!

I had no idea before reading this post from “Have Wind Will Travel” that General Patton was a sailor or that he actually owned several different sailboats.  Always an adventurer, General Patton caught the sailing bug after a sailboat trip from California to Hawaii, after which he bought the sailboat in this post.  This is a re-blog, but I think it’s a great video, check it out.  If you like it, check out their site.

“When the war is over and if I return,” said General Patton. This was his boat! An immaculately-restored 1939 John Alden Schooner, with her very own Captain Seth giving us a tour and telling us his story and plans to sail When and If around the world. They recently sailed When and If to Cuba […]

via Boat #15: 1939 John Alden Schooner — Have Wind Will Travel


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