New Bottom for Tulum

As I’ve said in another post, third time for an offer on our sailboat will be a charm, but we’re actively working to make it happen if I can.  I was considering/thinking that lowering the price of the boat to spark interest might be just what we needed going into the spring time, but not so.  Our crack broker (from Yachtfinders – Windseakers) suggested something else, a better solution.  Getting the bottom repainted instead of lowering the price was his suggestion; so we went for it and are getting the bottom redone.  I have to admit that after acceptance sank in that this was a better idea than mine,,,the price of the bottom paint job isn’t nearly what I expected and won’t take very long.

Tulum coming out of the water for her new bottom paint.


So, Tulum was taken out of the water and will get her new bottom job (power wash, barrier coats and then finally two coats of paint),,,making her bottom perfect and completing most all the major repairs we need to get done on her-

Can’t wait to start taking pictures with our new camera, stay with us to see them and FOLLOW our blog please-

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