I know exactly why I like these posts from B-Outside so much.  They’re real, the author is doing things he loves, takes great pictures and he takes the time to explore as he goes.  I like this.  He also knows how to say cool things, like “Wiskey Tango Foxtrot”,,,which I can identify with.  Bravo Zulu to him,,,,I hope he keeps it up.

If you like his article, follow his blog or choose to buy him a beer via the donation button on his blog.   If you like the fact that I’m reposting his stuff, follow us.  This site is just about to get a new camera because my wife just told me about the salt water damage she may or may not have been responsible for,,,,so our pictures should improve marginally as I learn to use the new camera!

Keep reading, great story and photos ahead-

THE PLAN The sketchy construction North of La Paz meant setting an alarm. I know, alarms during a relaxing trip such as this (whiskey tango foxtrot?), but my thought was it would probably be the best plan to traverse the construction zone that nearly gave me heart palpitations during the morning hours when it was […]

via Todos de Baja (a Solo Rip to Cabo): Part – 5 — B-Outside

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