While I may not roll in a power boat like these guys, they are one of the most photogenic couples blogging and cruising; and they’re out there doing it and I’m happy for them as a couple.  For great pics of the Bahamas and to see the swimming pigs,,,take a look at this post-

Sorry about the lack of blog posts! Wi-fi is scarce and to be candid, its a lot of the same day in and day out. See above if you’re wondering what we’re up to on the daily! We’re now making our way back to the States – traveling each day as the wind/weather permits. I’m […]

via Bahamas: The Hit It or Miss It Run Down — First Mate Kate

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    1. Hi, you guys are on such a great adventure. When are you going to complete your loop adventure, find a sailboat and sail off into the sunset, blogging all the way?

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