You may have noticed the lack of posts this week, it was a long week.  After working a parlay with my wife;  we broke away from the desert paradise to check on the boat. We needed to make sure she was ok after the high winds and rough weather San Diego had in the last few weeks.   We had nothing to worry about.  Not only do we have a great broker (at Yachtfinders/Windseakers) who checked on her for us, but she looked great when we got on board this morning.  I was surprised to find NO leaks after all the rain and winds and find that she looked really good.  As is our fairly normal routine when we check on her; we try to detail clean new spots, shine the brass and put down a layer of Lemon Oil on the Teak.  Wow,,,,does our Teak soak up the Lemon Oil and love it.  When we leave, she shines and smells great, looking better than when we came onboard.

Last week, our crack mechanic fixed several pieces on the engine and generator and will make several more small improvements this coming week.  Here’s the exhaust elbow he replaced on the Northern Lights Generator last week:

New Exhaust Elbow
New Exhaust Elbow

Might not seem significant, but to me it’s a huge improvement as the old one had a huge crack and was probably original,,,,like 17 years old original.  I’m excited to be constantly improving the boat and will keep doing that until she sells.  She’s a sailboat in great shape that will make a new owner very happy.

On a side note, I took the time to get all my paperwork together for the Coast Guard Examiners at the Regional Exam Center and overnight mailed it in, so the processing can start on my Coast Guard License….yeah!

For those of you who read this in far flung places around the world,,,thank you.  For those of you who have followed in this last week, thank you too.  Keep it up, we’re trying to grow and improve.

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