Naked Hanse

Not sure how this will translate to you, but to me, a sailboat out of water is NAKED, missing that one thing that covers its important parts,,,,water.

Couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the family who had lost the rudder on their 50.5 Hanse in December and had to abandon the boat in the Atlantic.  (  Now, I want to show you what you don’t always see in the pretty magazine photos or on the manufacturers marketing websites,,,,actual pictures of a naked Hanse 64, while she’s getting prepped and rigged for full Commissioning and before she’s ever touched salt water. Then you’ll see her in the water and I’ll show you pictures of her mast getting rigged the day before it’s due to be stepped into her hull.

Bow to Stern View, from a 22 foot stairwell, taken with IPhone. Monster Hanse 64

Bow to Stern View, from a 22 foot stairwell, taken with IPhone. Monster Hanse 64




Just a massive keel, bolted into the hull.

Just a massive keel, bolted into the hull.





View from astern, see the swim step/tender port/local beach that folds down (with a button).

View from the other side-

View from the other side-

Massive Spar

Here’s her spar, pre-rigging, with cabling already run inside it but little rigging.

Clothes On

No Longer Naked, in the water. This is the day before she was to get her Mast Stepped on, workers were frantically trying to finish last minute details. Can you see the massive anchor, it was impressive.

Masts getting rigged

Giant Spar getting Standing and Running Rigging, day before Mast is to get stepped onto Hanse 64.

I read the sailing magazines and see the glossy pictures, but I’m often more interested in the work to get boats looking like they do in the magazines. That’s the reason I was so excited to watch this Hanse get put together during the commissioning and documented in these pictures and be allowed to wander around the yard while all this was happening. This takes a lot of work from talented folks. This blog will continue to look at things like this with a unique perspective bordering on wonderment, cause it’s fun. This Hanse 64 was commissioned in the same yard where our boat is for sale; we were down there to install the new compass, give her a cleaning below and check out our new sail cover. This week the mechanic is back from vacation and has promised to start work on the generator and engine tune-ups, so we continue to always improve that boat, even if she’s for sale.

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