Do you want your blogging voice heard loud and clear in order to help a sailing family with two young children ?

On or about 19 Dec 2016 a young British family with a 7 and 10-year-old on board lost their sailboat rudder in the middle of the Atlantic on the way to the Caribbean, forcing them to drift for three days until rescue on the 21st of Dec 2016.  You can watch the true YouTube video of their rescue at this link and find their WordPress Blog Site at this link to read their story,,,,in their own words.

Their GoFundMe Site that was set up by Will Marks (one of the crew from Tilly Mint), is now closed,,,,but you can help the family by sharing their story, looking at their WordPress Blog and getting the word out about their boat, which might be drifting toward the Caribbean Islands now; there’s a $10,000 dollar reward for finding it.

The Story:

In a nutshell, the family was on their way from Portugal to Barbados on their 50 Hanse when their rudder disintegrated in unsettled weather in the middle of the Atlantic, on or about 19 December 2016.  The family had done extensive preparation of the boat and the husband has crossed the Atlantic before, they had an extra crew member on board and they didn’t panic.  After three days of trying to somehow get steerage, they made contact with rescue authorities, and less than 4 hours later a large freighter answered their distress call.  For at least 24 hours, they attempted to somehow get over to the freighter, but the seas were too rough.  Another freighter arrived on scene, but the seas were again too rough for anything to happen.  In a stroke of luck, a crewed Discovery 67 named Tilly Mint (not a bad way to get rescued) was within 100 miles and backtracked by motoring,,,over 75 miles to get into position to attempt a rescue.   After hard work on the part of the Tilly Mint crew, the entire family from  Dove II was brought on board Tilly Mint,,safe.  The family was forced to abandon Dove II, a 50+ ft Hanse in the Atlantic, with most (if not all) of their personnel possessions on-board.

Dove II rudderless and being abandoned at sea
Dove II rudderless and being abandoned at sea


I’ve already followed their WordPress Site and tried to do my part by donating but the GoFundMe Site is closed.  The good news is that the site was opened on 10 January,,,,and is already closed because it went over its goal.  But I want to do what I can, so I’m writing this story in the hopes that all of you will read it, share it, re-blog or press it, and keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Fran and her two children, soon after rescue by Tilly Mint
Fran and her two children, soon after rescue by Tilly Mint

I watched the YouTube Video last night and it was extremely visceral for me, as we have young children and want to take off sailing.  I think this family did things right and had a stroke of bad luck.  But their story isn’t over yet, I think it’s just beginning and I’ll continue to watch their blog to see how they do.

What can you do and why?  Some of you that occasionally read my posts have VERY large blogs and lots of followers.  You can make a difference by getting this story out or at least sending out the links or watching the YouTube Video so folks can support the family.  Help get the word out about their their boat,,,in case it’s found and can be returned to them.  Follow their blog, let them know you’re out there.  While I may not be the most eloquent writer or blogger, I know even these small things may help.

I’ve pulled the photos off the YouTube Video stills taken by the crew of the Tilly Mint and they need to receive photo credit for these photos. 


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