Dave:  I know you’re away on a business trip and miss your boat.  I visited her on Sunday,,,,and she looks great.  The guys who work at the Marina say they look after her, keep her lines tight and make sure your dinghy doesn’t fill with water.  Funny thing is,,,,,your boat is cleaner now than when you lived on her,,,,as the rain washes her clean and there’s far fewer beer bottles in her cockpit.  I look in on her when I can.  A photo is below for you-  We’ll see you when you get back safe from your business trip, God Speed-

She's waiting on you-
She’s waiting on you-

Ok,,,the backstory on David Youngstud- 

Well, after offering Dave free beer a few times, he started showing up and we fed him when there was food,,,but mostly just gave him a beer or two and BS’ed with him on the docks.  I’m older than Dave but still listened to his various girlfriend stories and tried not to sound too married with my advice.  We’re in the same profession, so we were able to find things in common a lot and I was able to sometimes give advice that sounded half-way grown up.  I named him David Youngstud because he’s just got that boyish charm wrapped into a stud of a body that makes some women tremble; and he knows it.  So watching him work the ladies is always funny,,,I’m totally not able to relate to this part of my story.  We knew David well by the time he moved his boat beside ours in our former Marina, but we had made a quick decision to move Tulum to San Diego  to put her up for sale,,,,so we really didn’t get to help watch his boat after he left.  He’s on a bit of a business trip now, but lots of folks are keeping an eye on his baby.  I’ll be down again on Saturday to take another look at her and make sure she’s ok on her waterline.

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