Sailing and Cruising isn't always easy

If you want a bit of realism injected about cruising and sailing life and you’re not sure if those cool YouTube videos of S/V Delos and others in bikini’s are the cruising life,,,,well, cruising is defined by those who do it.  This is one of the best posts I’ve read about cruising or not cruising and why we might write about it.  It’s honest and heartfelt and I have great admiration for the writer who puts it out there for people to read.  If you like it,,,,follow the Winds of Time site to read more-

Extended Cruisers… that’s what we tell people now when they ask us where we live. We get questions on where our house is (the boat). Where do we live? How do you cook? Where do you go to the bathroom? Where do you shower? What do you do when you get tired of being on […]

via Life is a Journey, Not a Destination — Winds of Time

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