Ever been in a slump and then been wrenched of it so quickly it was like an automatic reaction?

I was,,,,today.  By way of a birthday I haven’t wanted for a while and the longing to be on the water on my own boat,,,,I was in a bit of a 24 hour slump.  It’s not depression or anxiety or something like that, it was just a slump.  I was gone for two weeks straight and coming home then right back to work didn’t really let me adjust to the routine as well as I wanted, then I had to deal with this whole birthday thing that I didn’t want to either.  I couldn’t celebrate on the boat (as we’re keeping her bristol) and we just couldn’t get to the big city this weekend, so we’re staying at home doing our thing.   I had to run out- haircut and errands to run.  While I was out I stopped in a local store another town away that has all sorts of handmade homeopathics and natural health foods, a favorite local store of mine.  I was powerfully wrenched out of my slump when I realized the owner had been through yet another major operation,,,and now had two prosthetics where lower legs used to be and she had most of her fingers on one hand cut off.  Yet, there she was, showing customers her state of the art prosthetics and cracking jokes, in a great mood and oblivious to the fact that she was in a bad way.   In fact,,,,she’s not in a bad way, as she told me she’s perfect and pretty happy with her operations.  I was impressed by her attitude and shamed to think that I was in a slump over such petty things as a damn birthday and not getting to see my sailboat.  My attitude change was automatic and forceful.  Nuff Said-

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