Successful Captain’s License Class

Good evening: I successfully passed my OUPV/Master up to 100 Gross Ton Course and both the Towing and Sailing Endorsements.  BUT, while this was a heck of an accomplishment because I wasn’t the sharpest person in the class, it’s NOT an actual Coast Guard License, that’s a hurdle I still need to get through.  This […]

Successful Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

I’m re-bloging this because I think it’s helped my site and I believe that we can help each other be more successful by participating in the Blogger Meet and Greets.  All bloggers are welcome to check this link out, press it, reblog it or just read through it.  Lots of new and upcoming bloggers are featured […]

Astrolabe Sailing Re-Blog

If you’ve never heard of this very successful and upbeat sailing, travel and adventure blog from New Zealand, you’re missing out.  This author is the real deal- traveling, sailing, writing for magazines and often just plain funny in her view of life.  Worth looking at if you’re interested in any of these things or just […]