We had already road tripped from Orange County (Ca, USA) to Buellton and spent several very cold nights camping in a tent there.  On the 28th, we pulled chocks (packed) and took off.  Originally we were going to see Hearst Castle up the coast from San Luis Obispo, but as we did the drive, we decided the kids might not be that excited about several hours in Hearst Castle,,,,so we called an audible and decided to go see the Elephant Seal Rookery just up from San Simeon (Hearst Castle).  On our way through, we had to stopped for lunch in San Luis Obispo,,at SLO Brew.  SLO Brew is in its new location now, which is on the SLO Riverwalk,,,,with awesome beer and good food.  After lunch we were on the road up the 101 to San Simeon and the Elephant Seal Rookery.  This area is actually marked by signage off the main roads, telling you that you’ve got to view them in a specific area, just south of the historic Piedras Blancas Light Station.  If you like old lighthouses, this one is a must see, something to do in the area besides Heart Castle and the Elephant Seal Rookery.

Here’s some pics of the Elephant Seal Rookery in the vicinity of Piedras Blancas and San Simeon:


Yep, there’s a lot of seals there and there’s ALOT of brand new babies of all ages:




However, if you go in prime season (which is December and January) you will be there with 100’s of your best friends, so be aware of how popular this free show is:


After 25 minutes of Elephant Seal viewing, we headed south for a few minutes then turned East on the 46, into Wine Country.

Next up: Paso Robles Wine Tasting and Road Trip Home

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