Thanks for Following

Hi, to those who starting following in the last couple weeks, THANK YOU.   I actually had a goal of trying to get 100 followers by the end of December, but gave up on that crap after reading things from a few larger bloggers,,,,like Roberta Pimental and Hugs and Huskies.   I’d rather have you […]

Merry Christmas,,,,and a quick true story

Hi, I’m so glad you’re reading this- So, several times in the last couple months I’ve posted links and reviews of Mr. John Kretschmer’s books, cause I’ve read and re-read them several times.   Interestingly enough, a boat very much like his beloved Quetzel is available for sale in San Diego, an 82 Kaufman and […]

Todos de Baja (a Solo Rip to Cabo): Part – 2

  Really good info about Baja from the motorcycle seat, must read if ur going to Baja anytime soon     We left off in Part 1 as I came down the hill into Bahia de Los Angles and stopped at the PEMEX to fill up. The rotund and downtrodden thirty-something woman working the pump […]