If you read through this entire post, you’re going to see very quickly that it’s asks the fundamental questions about,,,why do you blog?

I write this blog for you, for me and my family and as a way to connect with folks about sailing, adventure travel and eventually, when I start writing more, about PTSD.  I don’t write this blog as a commercial engine,,,,,cause it’s not.  Would it be awesome to be be able to write and make enough money to finance great things?  Sure, but thousands of others are doing and expecting the same things, with FAR BETTER BLOGS.  I’m a realist.  I want to write to tell you things you might not know and connect with those who want to read about sailing and adventure travel.  This post by Roberta Pimentel (and Quill and Parchment) asks these fundamental questions,,,,,won’t you ask yourself the same thing?

First of all I want to thank Quillnparchment for the opportunity and the idea of the topic of this post. I think the topic is very interesting and important and I am very glad that I was given the …

Source: What is your driving force behind blogging?

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