I was pretty relieved Saturday morning when I looked over Tulum, as she looked great on the outside, and just as good on the inside.  The gentle cleaning on the inside has paid huge dividends and the Gentlemen we hired to wash the outside is spectacular.

Let me tell you a story:  Several months ago when we checked into our Brokerage Slip behind Shelter Island Boatyard, we knew we needed to get the boat waxed and polished, thus we hired one of the polishers there in the Shelter Island area.  We knew he had a good reputation, but never heard the work was complete or not.  When we went and looked at the boat,,,covers were not put back on and several had blown away. And, a plastic molded cup/drink holder made by Hunter Marine was missing.   No one knew anything about it, nor did they even offer to compensate us.   Last time we use them.  This is what it looks like without a drink holder:


Needless to say, I was not a happy camper and no one would help me find it or replace it, so we had to do this at our own expense.   Luckily, one of the Gentlemen from Hunter Owners.com got hold of Hunter and asked if they could help.  Hunter found the old plastic molds for this part (as they don’t make the Hunter 460 anymore) and they made me another drink holder insert for the boat.  It took nearly four weeks to get here and we were very afraid it would not fit, but it finally arrived.  However, not before we had a serious offer on the boat, which included a survey and haul-out.  I don’t think this drink holder made the difference, but my pride was hurt that I didn’t have it in place during the survey.  Here’s how it looks now:



Lots of little things to do on the boat were identified on the survey that the new potential owner could have gotten done quickly and cheaply, but he didn’t choose to look at things this way.  I do.   So, if you look close at both pics, you’ll see the compass is torn apart in the second picture.  That’s because we’re getting it serviced, just like I told the potential buyer I was going to do.  And you should see the way the propeller looks now.  It’s been completely rebalanced, shined and looks like new.

Best thing about Saturday was going below the boat, and seeing that the crack mechanic had been there, and been working.  During the survey it had been identified that the boat’s “Dripless” Shaft Seal had a bit of a drip and needed correcting, which could be done from the inside of the boat.  What a relief, as most Dripless Seals require the boat to be hauled out of the water for repair.  So, when I went below on Saturday and saw that the Dripless Seal had been tightened and there was nearly no water in the bilge, I was very, very pleased.  Most things on boats can be fixed, you just need to give them a bit of time and figure out how to do it.  So, from the survey nearly a month ago, this is four items already knocked out and nearly done: Dripless Seal, Compass, Propeller, Cup/DrinkHolder.  I’ve also replaced the seals on the stern gear lockers and fixed all the handles on the windows in the boat, which are now functioning perfectly.

Can’t wait for the right buyer to come along and see the boat of their dreams, we’ve put a lot of work into her and will continue to improve her.

Take a look, she’s in great shape- TulumIV

See her also on Yachtworld if you want to look there.



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