I like to reblog things from others that are said (or photographed) better than I could.  Here’s some hard truth and opinion from a popular blogger on his success.


I get asked this a ton. There are many assumptions. Most assume I just clicked follow on everyone’s blog and that’s how I got my following. If you think it’s that easy go and try …

Source: How did you get so many followers?

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  1. What’s a “follower”?


    I don’t write my sailing blog to gain followers. I write it for fun, for friends and for family.

    My words are mine, about things that happen to us aboard Adventure.

    A couple of times I’ve said things that upset others. I wasn’t attempting to upset anyone, but it happens.

    But truth is a very, immediate thing at times. Especially when others believe there is “my truth” and “your truth”.

    Life sometimes comes at you fast, and blogging isn’t the foremost thought in your mind, so you write from recollection rather than on the fly, you opine, and you do your best to keep ell the story…. however detrimental it might seem to others.

    Ss a writer, you write. As a reader, you read.

    Therefore, I those who read blogs aren’t living the life of any particular blogger.

    They shouldn’t be judging.

    1. Rick, GREAT REPLY, I would love to use this as an example blog, but would never do that without your permission. Screw “em” if they’re that sensitive but yet they continue to read and comment on your blog, “the” truth or anything else. Nice thing about a blog is that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow it or read it, it’s up to you. I like your writing and hope your trip through the inside passage gets smoooooth. We’re still waiting to sell current boat and buy a larger one, leaving in 2019. – Chad

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