After the Survey- Sell or Regroup- Part 6

You’ll know within a week of the survey if you’ll get a “survey allowance” request (code for the buyer wanting to pay less money),  if the buyer has signed the paperwork and your boat will be selling or if the buyer walks away and you’ll need to regroup.  In the case of the survey allowance, that’s up to you; whether you have room to negotiate and meet the survey allowance,,,or you can counter-offer,  accept the survey allowance or simply tell the buyer you can’t afford the survey allowance.  In our case, we’ve regrouped and are making HUGE strides on the simple things the surveyor told me verbally.  I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in a short time:

Nikon D50

Nikon D50

Is the whole LIFESLING bad,,,or just the bag? Sometimes with sailboats, it’s NOT as bad as it seems and most everything can be fixed.








 Same LIFESLING, 5 minutes later, new bag,,,,not much work but noted on the survey!









Brand New Water Pump, One Hour worth of work, FIXED!


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