Silver Linings – and why Current is King

I done the docking thing that’s adds “experience” too, and they are right about there being a positive side to most things- good read from someone out there doing it-

'Til the butter melts

“Roar!”… (The sound of engines.)

(Shouting voices.)

“Roar! ROOAARR!”…  (BIG engines.)

(More shouting voices, louder.)

These are the sounds that get your attention, particularly when you’re down inside the boat and can’t see outside very well, and you’re a little nervous about being in this alien land called a “Marina” anyway. There are an awful lot of boats in a very small space, and the currents rip through like they have somewhere very important to go. It can be challenging.

And so it was this morning for a vessel named “Five Star” and her skipper. He was aiming for a slip across the alley from ours, and the entry against a 1.5 knot current was requiring more skill and experience than he possessed. Things were not going well.


Third time’s the charm, they say. On his third attempt to maneuver for the slip, he’s let the current push him…

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