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Minney’s Yacht Surplus- Not to be missed!!!

No trip to the OC (Orange County, California, USA) is complete unless I get to visit Minney’s,,,one of the finest used boat stuff stores around!

Minney's Sign

It’s one of my favorites, and I find new stuff every time I visit.

Nikon D50
Nikon D50

The best thing about the store is that’s it seems to be one of the last stores in the US where you can genuinely trade for about most anything in the store, as long as you bring in something of value that the store wants.  They also seem to be fair and loyal, as it’s been months since I’ve been there, but they remembered what I traded for last time I was there, I was impressed.

Minney's Sail Locker

Needless to say, this store has ALOT of used sails, one of the largest inventories in the western side of the US in used sails of every cut and budget.  Many famous sailors are quoted as saying they’ve been able to afford some of their magazine worthy trips because they shopped at Minney’s.

Tough to get a good picture in this light
Tough to get a good picture in this light

Yep, really tough to show you just how many propellers are on this single wall and the different sizes available.  I was also trying to keep track of my two tiny crew members who were perusing the store,,,at high speeds.  Another reason I love this store is because they didn’t mind the kids at all, they offered food and coffee and they have lots of stuff most of us don’t need, but want.

Minney's Anchor's

Yep, this is a LARGE anchor pile, another Minney’s specialty.  While they don’t have too many newer styles of anchor’s, if you’re looking for any traditional styles, they have it.

This is my first outing with my new (to me) camera which I’ve permanently borrowed from my wife.  The pictures will continue to be a work in progress.  If you’re on the West Coast of the US and have a chance to visit Minney’s in Newport Beach, you won’t regret it.

Have a wonderful and safe Veterans Day Weekend.

If you shop at Minney's and tell them that "LiveFree2Sailfast.com" sent you,,,your next sailing trip will look like this!  The End
If you shop at Minney’s and tell them that “LiveFree2Sailfast.com” sent you,,,your next sailing trip will look like this! The End

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