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This little blog that started with the idea to give readers advice on sailing, cruising and boating “for everyone” and not just the wealthy IS slowly evolving and growing, but will always keep it’s core message.  We will continue to evolve to discuss PTSD as a sailing treatment and we will discuss adventure travel as a whole.  As a real person, I generally TRY hard to be as boring as possible because this generally keeps me out of trouble.  I’m a patented homebody but not a hermit, I love sports that involve individualism over team perspectives and have dove into several of those sports with some success.  My wife is generally quite opposite of me- very outgoing.

Last week, a very successful blogger (Roberta Pimentel) posted a very informative article about how to write a better blog and find more recognition.  I read it twice,,,I would love to follow all her advice.  But I need to share with you all that one thing I probably cannot live up to from her post is the ability to post every day.  YES, I would love to ramble on about sailing daily and probably can, but my work and life schedule preclude this, so the deal I will make with you all is that I can probably post 2-3 times a week.  I WILL NOT make this a job,,,once this becomes a job then it gets hard, not fun and my creative juices will slow down.

Next, a HUGE THANKS to those who followed just in this last week.  Please tell your friends and fellow bloggers to take a look and perhaps follow if they read something that makes sense and doesn’t have too many spelling errors.  Thanks again-

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  1. I read her article on your reblog. It had a lot of great points. Especially the parts about instant success. 😊 I’ve read some advice that said to post twice a day. Every day… Hmm. Nope. Your blog is great. It’s educational with a side of real life. I think I found it on Weird Guy With The Dog awhile back. He’s got great boat stuff, too.

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