Jimmy Buffett in San Diego on a Tuesday, playing a small venue with sets that included acoustic and all the classics that Parrotheads love,,,,,on the water.  What could get any better?  Getting a ticket might have been better!

Jimmy Buffett continued his “I Don’t Know” tour last night at Humphrey’s by the Bay in San Diego.  What a great small stage venue on the water, next to a myriad of marina’s and right down on Shelter Island in San Diego.   Well,,,,as this blog attempts to report on things maritime to those who read it, we tried our best to get tickets to the concert so we could give you great blog content on relevant matters like “Jimmy Buffett”.  Alas, tickets went on sale at 10am on a workday,,,,and sold out in less than two minutes.  I missed the tickets and didn’t want to pay the $475 each on Stubhub,,,and couldn’t afford it.  But, I know it’s very important to bring you all refreshing and updated blog content, so we concocted a plan to get as close as possible and try to catch some of the concert,,,,and check on the boat in San Diego of course to make sure she was still clean.

On advice from our broker with Windseakers/Yachtfinders, we chanced the fact that we might be able to hear some of the concert from the hotel next to Humphrey’s, and the gamble paid off.  We enjoyed a fine evening with a bunch of other Parrotheads listening to concert quality sound.  And, the Parrot heads who came by dinghy, kayak, paddle board and other small craft to the docks below the concert venue were priceless to watch,,,,especially toward the end of the night.

YEP,  this blog will continue to bring you relevant matters like this as often as possible, because I know this is essential material to cruising, sailboating and production boats!  This blog was also not meant to sound like I’m bragging or flaunting the fact that you were not able to be at a Buffett Concert in San Diego on a Tuesday.  I wasn’t at the concert either, I was forced to sit next door and spend hours thinking through the material I would use to write this inciteful and exciting post-

If you’ve continued to read this far down,,,,thanks,,,,I was stoked and humbled to be able to hear any of the concert and damn glad to be there. 

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    1. Jessica,,,,take you and your husband to a concert before he leaves us for the great Margaritaville in the sky, especially if you want a larger boat,,,,it might do it for you and your husband will think you’re AWESOME!!!

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