Getting a Captain’s License in the Maritime world can be a bit daunting unless you do your research and know what you want.  Most folks simply want to operate a boat safety and have the option of taking more that 6 passengers at a time on their boat,,,,and possibly get paid for it.  This might only require what the Coast Guard terms the 6-Pack/OUPV License and has the least amount of work involved in getting it.   I’ve working toward this certificate and more,,,as I eventually want my 100 Ton Captains License; which may lead to employment after retirement.

I’ve just received my Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) from TSA, had my CPR Certificate renewed and I’ve figured out I have enough on-water hours to justify going to class to test for my license.  I’m going through the Maritime Institute in San Diego in January to study up for my test, and I’ve been working out of a study guide to identify parts I may need extra work on.

Next up on this Blog project- Prepping the required Coastguard Paperwork.

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