Friday in Paso Robles Wine Country was a highlight, as we dragged my parents and our kids around from winery to winery,  searching for red wine to fill our tin cup chalices.

  1.  Ancient Peaks–  We started at the farthest winery away on this day, driving nearly to San Luis Obispo to get here from Paso Robles.  Boy,,,,was it worth it.  Great Wine, great toys and books for the kids and they didn’t mind a bit that the tiny ones were with us.  We’re going back-
  2. Tackitt Family Winery-  This one is a perennial favorite that we’re members of; and they allow our kids to play with the winery dogs while we taste.  We keep going back for the wine, but we buy more because they support the Wounded Warrior EOD Foundation.  See my note on the PTSD and Sailing Page of this blog.
  3. Treana-  Next it was onto Treana/Hope Winery off the 46W in Paso Robles.  We’d been here before, but not quite the same welcome.  Highlight was a bottle of wine with a label painted by an elephant and the back story to it.  We bought it.
  4. Peachy Canyon-  Last one, but lots of fun.  This winery specializes in great old vine Zin and has an AWESOME Malbec,,,,Ms. Behave.  This was a favorite of the trip.
When in Wine Country-
When in Wine Country-


This night Thai was on the menu, and if you stay in the Paso Robles Inn, you’ll be within walking distance to Basil Thai, one of the best we’ve had since we were in Thailand, many years ago.

Thursday night,,,,last part in this three-part series, about a few more wineries and one of the BEST Farmers Markets around.  You like fresh, organic gluten free food,,,,stay tuned to Thursday night’s blog…..

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