This last weekend, me and my wife reflected on all the work we’ve done on Tulum since we bought her.

Sitting in our cockpit, watching the sun set over the breakwater and the Pacific, we reflected on all the work we’ve done on Tulum, with a constant eye on taking her blue water cruising; and just making improvements to some of the systems that had no love since she was new, in 2000.  Here’s some of the projects that stick out in my mind:

  1. 2015- Diesel Engine Complete Service by Oceanside Marine Center
  2. 2015-Electrical System Service by Oceanside Marine Center
  3. 2015-Installation of new Rule 3500 oversize automatic bilge pump and new Rule 1500 Bilge Pump by Oceanside Marine Center. 
  4. 2015-Purchase and Installation of new Control Head for RayMarine Autopilot and all associated SeaTalk updated hardware to make the system talk to all new electronics with professional installation from Oceanside Marine Center. 
  5. 2015-Purchase and Installation of 300 feet of brand new BBB Galvanized Chain for the boat, making the front rode all-chain.  All old chain and rope rode systems removed due to rust damage.
  6. 2015-Purchase and Installation of brand new OVERSIZED main bower anchor, “shiny Michelle”, a 60 pound galvanized Manson Supreme, brand new and never used.
  7. 2016-Purchased and Installed with (help from Oceanside Marine Center)brand new Digital Radar, Multi-Function Device (MFD), Chartplotter and GPS.  Along with this system comes a forward looking sonar fish finder, but it’s not installed.  This system overlays Radar and Chartplotter and will allow you to use Autopilot along with system, everything talks to itself now.
  8. 2016- Installed oversized Plastimo Radar Reflector Tube in rigging,,,to get us noticed on other’s radar.
  9. 2016-Had the fridge, freezer and air conditioning professionally overhauled by one of the best in the industry, Fleming Marine Refridgeration.   The owner himself drove all the way to Oceanside twice,,,and now my beer is cold enough to freeze and I’m very grateful for his help.
  10. 2016-Throughout the entire time we’ve owner her, the boat has been cleaned bi-weekly by Dockside Divers, with new Zinc’s once monthly.
  11. 2016-Shaft Shark installed for us by Dockside Divers.
  12. 2016-Propeller removed by Dockside Divers for calibration and testing in a facility in Chula Vista.

While this list isn’t totally inclusive because of my memory challenges from my various “business trips” as I tell my kids, I think this covers the highlights and we’re very proud to have a boat better than when we bought her, as we subscribe to a theory of constant improvements and slow steady and boring basic engine maintenance.

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    1. Thanks, but one step forward right now is almost one step back. Lots of life changes that we’re working on, I have to say it’s a bit overwhelming but we’re working on it. Thanks for the feedback, glad to know at least one person reads this blog thing-

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