Yep, this is an issue,,,and it can’t be solved with Viagra.  My dinghy won’t plane.  I’ve been frustrated by it, although Michelle has no idea why it bugs me so much.  She doesn’t understand that it will cut down on the water coming over the bow, it will make the ride smoother and I’ll hear less complaints about cold salt water from the various other occupants.  Every time we go to Catalina or have the dink out, I work on it.  I’ve serviced my engine, ensured it was large enough for the dinghy, looked at the dinghy specs (it’s a 11 ft Caribe RIB) and still can’t make the damn thing plane.  So in my frustration, I took to the mother of all info sources,,,,the internet.  While there, I researched and studied others with the same problem and found that the proverb about Occam’s Razor is right again,,,,the simplest solutions are usually the best solutions.   Turns out, I simply need to put more air in the tubes and that will probably do the trick, but I also may have a slow leak,,,so I researched that too.

I was surprised that the three things I wanted could not all be found either on Amazon or the West Marine Website, but I was able to find all of them on the Defender Marine Website, and received great customer service.  You also don’t pay sales tax if you live outside of Connecticut,,,yeah.  So, I went ahead and ordered a double action hand pump that will pump enough air to fully inflate the tubes, some Inland Marine USA Sealant (which can be put into the tubes to block slow air leaks) and a set of Davis Instruments Doel-Fin Hydrofoil fins for the outboard.  These ARE available on Amazon and came highly recommended  by some of the folks who had the same problems with their dinghy’s, so I figured I would give it a try.

If you read this and some of the info in it helps you, then I’m doing ok.  This is my art, this is part of my passion with boating.  I’ve been on and off a boat since I was 5.  Never thought I would be back and interested but it just happened.

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