The San Diego Boatshow was awesome, especially with the Grandparents minding the quiet gentle children for the morning.  I was there to see what kind of new stuff would be displayed and take a look at sailboats for ideas.  Not LOTS of new stuff, but enough to take a look at.  My wife got suckered into buying a waterproof cell phone carrier and mini-purse from Ugo, a new company making good products for decent prices.  I think we’ll use it?

BOATS:   We had a chance to go aboard some nice new boats, with Marlow Hunter displaying their brand new 31, 33 and 37 foot sailboats (through a West Coast Broker).  These were nice spacious boats, with lots of room inside and some clever designs put into them.  Only regret in seeing these boats is that there’s none of the larger Hunters on display, we’ll look for them at another show.


We looked at some other sailboats, including a lightly used Hunter that gave us a great idea on how to put documentation into a folder system in the wall for easy access and appreciation for how much more cleaner these boats were than ours.   However, after one whole walk around the perimeter of the show, we were thirsty.  So, we found the floating bar (Fiddlers Green), and stopped for some Hops Appreciation.


While there, I observed and of course commented to my young hot girlfriend wife that there were actually boats present that we could not get on.  Sure enough, IMG_0606without an appointment, we were not getting on this boat.  Of course, it was $800,000 too expensive for us, but little did they  know that I was a powerful blogger with 13 followers and of course,,,,like Jimmy says: “watch out, you might just be in my song”.  Had a great 4th, comments on that next-


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