Some things just make you go hmmm.

I have to set the stage for this story by saying that I received this verbatim from a very good friend I’ve known for years, who’s gay.  I had to say this to set the stage for the story,,,and I asked him if I could post this,,,you’ll understand after reading and hopefully having a belly-laugh like I did.
“In other news, my knees hurt from too much running, so I bought a bike and started swimming. Of course, that led to running triathlons. The races are fun and the eye candy is Amazing. There’s something for everyone.
So, a while ago I did a ride from Solana Beach to the top of Mt Palomar and back. ~105 miles and Palomar is ~5000’ and 13 miles of non-stop uphill. Ugh. At the top I was chatting with a bunch of lycra clad cyclists; fit enough to ride up the mountain and dumb enough to think it’s a good idea. A woman whose seat was loose asked the group for a tool to tighten it. I gave her the tiny swiss army tool that folds up into the pouch under my seat. She could not reach the loose bolt and turned to the next guy, a black dude, and says “Can I have your tool. His is too short…” 8-0
Dude number three says “Oh, she did not…!”
The black guy looks at me and says “Mmmmm Hmmmm”, so I’m all “…something about the motion of the ocean!…” to which the black dude replies “Once you go black…” Then we hit a few more stereotypes. Meanwhile, the lady who unleashed all of this has no idea what we’re talking about. All she knows is that her seat is loose and she has another 50 miles to ride. She just looked at us and said “What are you talking about?! Give me a tool!”

Wow, awesome, I still get a grin every time I read this, just need to inject a cool story sometimes by a guest author.

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