San Diego Boat Show is coming to San Diego,,and LiveFree2SailFast is going.  This is a great show that we've gone to several times, but   every time there's new stuff to see.  It's much 
better because we have a boat, so anything we're looking for might bethere and I'm game to see it.  Highlights of the show include the    new boats, free entry for Military or First Responders, free life    vests if you take the time to stop by the CoastGuard booth, beer     garden on the docks (awesome!) and free swag that takes me several   days to sort through and read before recycling.

There are upcoming posts that will actually include some researched  subjects; not published because I keep finding new info.  Some of theposts I'm working on are:

The Conch Republic
Parrot Head Connection to Earnest Hemingway


Composting Heads for Boats- Interesting that I had drinks with a     great friend two weeks ago and had no idea he had a composting head  on his boat,,,,and his wife LOVES it, says it's  not a big problem.  Then I start finding all sorts of boaters on blogs with the same head, who say it's not a big deal- story to come. 

Book Reviews-  I did one book review already because I couldn't      resist.  But, I will start reviewing them in earnest, but only books I actually have read and will recommend. First book review next week. 

If you're going to the San Diego Boat Show, maybe we'll see ya there,
cause if you've ever seen a Great Dane doing puppy laps over your 4 
year old, you'll know the chaos that erupts in the house sometimes-


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