What goes through a sailor’s mind the most?  I was going to do a poll, but due to technical difficulties didn’t get around to it.  But, what does go through an actual sailor’s mind the most and in what conditions?  My observation is that it depends on the circumstances and whether booze has been applied and if the engine is currently running or not.

Poop, Booze, and Bikinis by Mr. Ed Robinson has quickly turned into one of my favorite sailing books; as it’s easy to read, truthful and made me burst into laughter while my wife was trying to sleep (which means it was pretty funny).  For less than $3, you can read all about the real things that go on during what most perceive as a highly romantic life on the ocean on a sailboat, although this seems to be sandwiched between actual work and worry about the different challenges that really go on.

Mr. Robinson is a good writer who seems to know what he’s talking about and introduces the reader to a new “Jimmy Buffet” like sound, that of Mr. Jim Morris (not to be confused with Jim Morrison).  Like the original parrothead himself,  Jim Morris hangs out in Florida and has a definitive island sound, complete with a Jimmy Buffett like fanclub, the “Bocanuts”.

I liked this book and encourage you to try it if you want a quick, funny read that will introduce  you to various things most sailors think about, including me.

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