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  1. I am buying a 200- Hunter 460. The survey is next Saturday. I am wondering if there are any things I need to have checked out especially well. Have you had any issues? Are you as happy as you seem on the blog with yours? I too have run into Hunter haters and wonder if I am making the right choice. I plan to cruise the Chesapeake and Bahamas. My skills are so-so and my GFs are less.

      1. Mike, hope the reply helped, more when I’m back on my computer

        Forgot to ask you to please follow the blog if u choose to and ask ur friends to as we’re trying to build it as we go

    1. Mike, I’m pretty happy overall after owning the boat for over a year.

      I’ve posted the Hunter 460 owners manual in PDF version (hard to find) on another page on my blog and I would download it and go through it carefully of possible before survey.

      On ur survey, make sure bilge is dry or Ask why not, make them show u, look carefully at electronics, make sure the boat has functioning cold plate in fridge and freezer and check out the current batteries, new ones will be over $1000k so make sure they hold a charge. Also check out the charging systems and make sure they work when off shore power. Finally, make sure you have some chain rode and a nice large anchor, none of that dinky rode the Hunter came with originally. Please come back with more questions, get your MROP and follow the blog officially to help me get more followers

  2. What is an MROP?
    How do I follow officially?
    Thanks for the manual. It has been a huge help already just finding all the thru hulls and knowing how to access the various systems. I hope the survey doesnt find any major defects as I really love the layout of this boat.

    1. Mike:

      MROP is the Marine Radio Operators Permit,,,we went to a Junior College here in California and got it in a day, tested officially via the FCC test. Then I went and got my other licenses through their website. You can follow by hitting the blue follow button on the website, would really, really appreciate it if you and your spouse would follow. I don’t know when your survey is, but I’d be happy to send you my survey as a bit of a redacted version, but I would need your email to do that. It might help, wish I had one when I did it. You might also read some survey’s online, my surveyer was pretty well known here on the West Coast from San Diego, but pricey. Please let me know any other questions.

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