Many times on cruising blogs I’ve read that cruising on a sailboat is simply “repairing your boat in exotic places”,,,and often means hours of manual labor fixing things on your boat,,,.  Different from the dream of bikini clad women and hot bodied tan, tall and dark men with fruity drinks watching the sun as it slips the horizon while your boat floats in an exotic port.

What’s wrong with fixing things in order to continue to drink and watch your great looking wife in some place you’ve both always wanted to get to,,,while you’re sitting at anchor in a gorgeous port on your own boat? 

After the experiences I’ve been through in countries I’ll never go back to; and being lucky to be alive,,,I will always attempt to have a positive outlook on repairs in far away places.  I’m a maniac for preventative maintenance and I think if you do plenty of it, you might avert some of the larger issues that may crop up without that maintenance.

I’ve read articles about non-stock and stock Hunter’s circumnavigating and doing plenty of cruising, and fully plan on doing some work on the boat before we take off.  We already know that we need new electronics, but we also have a 15 year old boat and need the rigging redone (mast taken off), we need the keel taken down and checked and we need the dripless seal on the shaft redone as she’s got a part that appears to be rusting or just old,,,,and we would not want that to come apart.  This is preventative maintenance at it’s best,,,,doing things that should be done ahead of time before they break,,,,so they hopefully won’t break at the worst time.

So, if you think you’re unlucky or just plain pissy about repairing your BOAT in some exotic port that you’ve taken yourself to,,,,take responsibility for your own actions and remember how lucky you are to be in that port on that boat,,,and not in some crappy country where everyone wants to kill you, attempting to stay alive while you dream about being on a sailboat with your hot wife or girlfriend or boyfriend.

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