Yep, I love to research stuff before I buy it if I have time,,,,and there’s plenty of information on anchors out there for research, and lots of great videos on utube.   Last February I made the mistake of buying a large Rochna without researching if it would fit in our anchor rollers,,,and had to return it to my chagrin.  Since then, I’ve done quite a bit more research and decided to buy a Manson Supreme, an anchor made by hand in New Zealand with the highest quality steel and great pedigree.  After looking at videos for several months, I bought a 65 pound Manson Supreme as a Christmas present for my wife.  It was meant to be a surprise, but it’s hard to hide a large shiny anchor in your room,,,,so she found it.  But, it did make an appearance Christmas morning with a large bow,,,and was on the boat on the 26th.   Once on the boat,,,,it was named Shiny Michelle after my wife,,,since it was indeed her present.

When I mentioned that Shiny Michelle was made of high quality, high tensile steel,,,I meant it.  In order to lock the anchor into my bow roller, me and my dad attempted to drill a hole in the shank.  During the 34 minute process with an industrial drill, I broke two drill bits and had to put in quite a bit more work than I ever thought it would take,,,,it was one tough shank on that anchor.   Shiny Michelle the anchor is attached to 300 feet of galvanized chain as our main anchor and we have several backups,,,,including a genuine Bruce made in the UK.

Next up,,,,7-8 foot broadside swells.

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