Cat Harbor, Catalina,,,and a few large swells

Between Christmas and New Years 2015 we took off for a few days to Cat Harbor (Twin Harbors) Catalina, Ca for what we hoped would be some good sailing and a few days of relaxing.  It was fun, but not much sailing as the wind there and back wasn’t great for sailing and it was […]

Shiny Michelle

Yep, I love to research stuff before I buy it if I have time,,,,and there’s plenty of information on anchors out there for research, and lots of great videos on utube.   Last February I made the mistake of buying a large Rochna without researching if it would fit in our anchor rollers,,,and had to […]

Back to Blog & Sewing!

Hi Everyone: It’s been since July for my blog, but creativity wanes sometimes,,,and it takes awhile sometimes to find things to write without just running my mouth.  Lots of things going on, not just because it’s a New Year, but because we’ve been working hard on the boat, getting it ready slowly for a longer […]