The List- How to meet hot women on a cruising boat

1. Bring your girlfriend or wife to your boat.

2. Hire a hot cleaning lady for your boat.

3. Invite all your dates to your yacht,,,forgetting what the dictionary says a yacht is,,,and forgetting to tell them that the engine currently doesn’t run?

4. Meet and invite a hot yacht broker onto your boat, on the pretense of perhaps selling it?

Ok,,,,the list made it to four, pretty good for tonights writing, as a cruising boat is much different than a pimped out powerboat or something I would find on the River,,,,much slower, different smells, perhaps not all the plumbing or engine works right at any  one time and most of us don’t really use them as chick magnets.   Except me, my friend Brian on the east coat and that guy with the “SailingisSexy” Blog whose wife is an actual Playboy and they’re sailing around the world,,,,,good for him.

Good luck!


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