Give me a week + more readers

Give me a week or so and I’ll start posting on a more regular basis.  Life’s been a bit hectic. Also, please recommend the blog to friends or others to follow or just check out.  If you have ideas you think might work on here, pipe up, I’m all ears-

The List- How to meet hot women on a cruising boat

1. Bring your girlfriend or wife to your boat. 2. Hire a hot cleaning lady for your boat. 3. Invite all your dates to your yacht,,,forgetting what the dictionary says a yacht is,,,and forgetting to tell them that the engine currently doesn’t run? 4. Meet and invite a hot yacht broker onto your boat, on […]

Boats, Guns and Dogs

First, I’ll preface.  I’m not an expert at anything in this blog, so please don’t think I comment from a position of any real knowledge, as all views on this blog are my own and not backed by much of anything except my opinion and occasional thoughts that escape when I have bad gas.  I […]