My approach to diet/exercise and my commitment to a full Ironman Triathlon are not mutually exclusive, but they do support each other.  I’ve tried to start eating better, losing weight and get ready for a full Ironman several times,,,this time I’m just gutting it out as I know this needs to happen.  Like I’ve said before, Rich Roll’s book “Finding Ultra” was a turning point for me in 2012.  Although me and my wife are not into extremes in anything, we’re all making a concerted effort to dump processed foods, eat healthier and work toward the Ironman event in October.  Coming back from deployment in 2012, I decided to start with small steps and work toward where I am today.  Here’s what I needed/what I did to take those steps:

1.  Taking Rich Roll’s advice, I bought a Vitamix Blender (  This thing blends ANYTHING,,,and mine is the cheapest one, so it only has two speeds.  This thing isn’t for cooking or Margarita’s, it’s for straight up whole food into micronutrients in a minute or so.  I’ve dropped avocado seeds into it by mistake and blended them,,,,they came out as nothing and I drank the concoction.

The only thing I don’t always like it that my morning shake’s ain’t like Jamba Juice at all,,,they’re always green but they smell and taste awesome.

2. Realizing what processed food (FAST FOOD) was doing to me, my waistline and my family, we’ve basically cut fast food out as much as possible, except on road trips.

3. I started to pay attention to what processed foods were,,,,and where they were in the kitchen.  Basically, anything out of a can, jar, bottle, package, freezer section that’s made by someone else and in packaging is my definition of processed foods, even if they’re vegetarian or vegan or all natural or anything else.  WOW, what a realization is was to read some of the ingredients in that stuff,,,have you ever tried? What’s Zanthan Gum and Color Dye # 2?

4. I did basic substitutions and found I liked what I was eating,,,,like Almond Butter for Peanut Butter and Almond Milk for regular milk- still processed food, but much different ingredients.

5. I bought a FITBIT and started carrying it everywhere I went, teaching me to understand how far I went on normal days, what I do for heavy workouts and how far I can go to make goals.  Later I bought an ARIA Scale, that wirelessly interacts with the FITBIT program and updates weight and body fat every time you get on it.

6. I’ve started to limit my caffeine (since I’m addicted) and would like to give up the Diet Coke for good.  I am back to drinking water during the daytime at work and have made up my mind to quit, just not yet.

7. I’ve started to limit all Red Meat Products.  This is a no brainer– red meat and alcohol reduction will help to take the weight off you quickly,,,,try it and you’ll see I’m right, as it’s working for me!!!

8. Lastly, MACA- I don’t care if you’re male or female, Maca Powder may have effects on both sexes that scientists are still trying to figure out.  For those Type A studs who prep for Ironman a lot and spend a lot of time in the saddle and are often exhausted at night,,,,MACA as a strong reputation as a cure for Erectile Disfunction and is known to have positive effects on the labido for both men and women,,,,,but I’ve heard “Magic Mike” might have the same effect on women and those men brave enough to stay around after they’re done watching it!!! – Just wanted to throw that in there to see who was till paying attention!!

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