This site is about Ironman Training and Sailboats,,,,both of which I am working on-

Yep, I’m still on track to complete and Ironman in 2015 and my wife will be running a Half-Ironman the same day.  This is unique as I have not seen another venue that has full and half Ironman on the same day on the same course, pretty cool I think.

I’ve been working on my base running, doing a lot of reading about teaching the body to run (burn) on fat as fuel without getting into the higher zones where you burn sugars for fuel and often deplete this fuel very quickly.  The zone I have to train in to teach the body to burn the fat is called the “embarrassment zone” as I run just above a walk to stay in this heart rate zone, in a profession where testosterone overload is the norm and Type A individuals run 7 minute miles all day, every day.  So, when running along in my 12 minute mile pace “teaching” my body to burn fuel and contemplating whether I am ever going to get faster and more efficient, I often run courses with fewer people around so as not to show off my burning speed.

As I do also want to develop speed for the short run, I start track work next week, which will be interval training on a 440 track to prep for a 5K in the spring that will also develop my speed and leg turnover for Ironman Training.

The Bike:  I’ve been cleared by my doctor to get back on my bike after having found several masses on my balls,,,which have since nearly gone away and are almost pain free.  I don’t care anymore, I need to get back on my bike!

The Swim: The pool is closed pending repairs, but I’ll be back in it when it opens.  I can float for 2.4 miles!

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