Look at as many boats as possible, if you can,,,,before you buy!

We were in San Diego this weekend for our Anniversary and took the chance to get on three different sailboats I had looked at on the internet during the week.

We knew we wanted to look at the Cooper 416 again as it’s got a great price and we know we can adapt and compromise on most anything, even one head.  We also took the time to look at a C&C 44 and a Hunter 46 that are in great shape, but with other brokers besides Yachtfinders.  Good call, because all three boats are in decent shape and although there are compromises associated with each, we could easily cruise and love any of the three.

We’ve taken the time to look at as many boats as physically possible and I would advocate to anyone to look at as many boats as possible every time, without thinking you’re wasting anyone’s time,,,,until you can make an unemotional decision on the right boat.  You’ve got to make that unemotional decision in order to be as matter of fact as possible, no matter how much you think it’s perfect or you love the boat like it’s your own,,,even before you buy it.  Thus far, I’m trying to follow my own advice.

By the way, the Bay Club Hotel and Marina in Point Loma is pretty awesome, great view of their Marina-

Coming up, I want to discuss fin keels vs. other keels and why so many people seem to be “Hunter Haters”,,,something I’m trying to still figure out?

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