Last post I mentioned all the work we’d done to buy the boat,,,,that we didn’t buy.  This wasn’t an emotional decision, this wasn’t even a business decision per say, this was something that had to be one because of money,,,financing and cash.  We HAVE decent credit, we have a decent bank to work with, we have a plan of sorts, but like most of you out there, we don’t have lots of cash.

By cash,,,,I’m talking about the kind of cash that’s ALOT to me and just a little to some of the folks in the area I’m typing from,,,,my brother-in-laws house  in Orange, Ca, a well-to-do area of the “OC”.  In Southern California, $129,000 – $170,000 dollars isn’t a lot of money to some folks and a great deal to others, me included, but I still want a cruising sailboat.  I’m disgusted by the sailing magazines I get with all the new boats that are $500K or above, for a nice new boat that can handle blue water cruising.  Because of cost, I have to look at boats that are 20-40 years old and attempt to find a boat where the survey price and the signed offer will match each other or at least come close, in order to even have a prayer at getting decent financing.  We can’t afford to buy a blue-water cruising boat in cash,,,,so we’re going to find a decent boat for what we can afford,,,,and the search continues.   I think in the next two weeks we’ll go to San Diego to look at a C&C 44 that’s down there, it may be a decent cruising boat and is probably fast.


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