I’m not a joiner, not much of a people person and don’t think many of you need to know that much about me, but I do feel compelled to write this blog/website for those busy souls like me who might know there’s something else out there besides work, drudge labor, rote daily lives and may want to explore their own limits.

I think sailing and triathlon make us do both. I am not my work. I am my adventures. I am purposely boring and unchangeably short to most because I have no need to tell the world about my adventures or all the cool things I’ve done, I know and now I’m feeling the need to share HOW I’ve gotten to the point where I’m looking at how to buy a large cruising boat and leave for a few years of blue water sailing, while working toward completing a full Ironman (Ironman Texas) while working a full time/demanding job and being the father of two toddlers and a husband to a hot wife. I have no magic formula, I’ll tell you how I’m doing things and what I’m doing and we’ll walk or fall down this path together, perhaps until we leave for our own cruising adventure and during that cruising adventure.

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