LF 2 SF- What the hell does this mean?

Good Morning, I hope your Sunday is going great-

What’s LF 2 SF ?

So,,,what does LF 2 SF mean?  It’s the acronym for this website, LiveFree2SailFast,,,,and it’s now immortalized on my license place because I’m genuinely proud of being able to come out of my shell enough to publish a blog.  I’m a bit of a private person, so writing and publishing a blog and getting the help needed to set up a website was a huge step for me.  I’m also a humble person, so this new license plate isn’t something I’m doing to be a show-off,  it’s just all about the website.  Speaking of the website, I’m eternally grateful to the talented couple who helped me set this website up, couldn’t have even gotten remotely close to this point without them.  If you ever need any kind of media or advertising support, they operate Benchmark Studio’s and can be contacted through their website-

BTW, I’ve done some updating to my permanent links about both the Family and the Boat and will be doing more today.

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Rosie the Riveter Museum and Mountain Hardware Store

In April we attended the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show in Richmond, Ca USA,,,,and found a few unexpected surprises that were awesome.

Right beside the historic former Ford Manufacturing Plant where the Pacific Sailboat and Power Boat Show was being held is the Rosie the Riveter museum, shown in the picture above.  Before lunch, we took a look inside the museum and were pretty surprised how informative and modern it was, but clearly able to tell the story.  In the dark days of WWII, most fighting age men from the United States were involved in the war effort; leaving heavy shipyards, manufacturing plants and other places without labor.  Into the void stepped not only women (hence Rosie the Riveter moniker), but also minorities who had not been allowed to work in these industries in the past.  This museum tells that story, very well.  The museum’s docents and special guests were women who WERE “Rosie the Riveter”, but they were at lunch while we were there.  Take a look at my photos below, it was an impressive museum telling the story of heavy manufacturing in Port Richmond, CA, using women and minorities to build both liberty ships and warships to support the WWII effort.

And here’s what Rosie the Riveter built, an existing version from the early 1940’s, the SS Red Oak Victory.

Take a look at the massive ship above, the SS Red Oak Victory.  Rosie the Riveter and hundreds of other hard-working women and minorities built this ship in the 1940’s for the war effort,,,and she survived.  What a sight to see at sunset in Richmond.  More about that next post.

We were also lucky enough to also discover the Mountain Hardware employee store in the historic Ford Building in Richmond,,,,,and I LOVE Mountain Hardware stuff.  After leaving my first real job after college due to a patent dispute, I worked at an outdoor store in Houston, Texas selling the Mountain Hardware branded equipment and other outdoor stuff,,,,and loved every minute of it.  I was pretty good at selling the stuff, cause I had used it and continue to use it to this day,,,,love the brand.  Well, we were able to get into the Mountain Hardware store and find some things we wanted,,,,without spending too much money.   I had to commit to NOT coming back to the store the next day we were at the boat show,,,,cause we would have spent lots more money.

Loved visiting family, the boat show, the museum and the store this first day,,,,but it wasn’t over yet.  After exiting the Mountain Hardware store, I was determined to go see the SS Red Oak Victory,,,,,but we got more than we bargained for when we found it,,,,and a pier side winery.  Keep following us for that story this weekend.

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Trying to buy a Wauquiez Amphitrite 45

Here’s the third post on my blog, from 2014.  I re-read it and remember the raw emotions from the survey of a boat we didn’t buy,,,,and the fact I was clueless on blogging or followers or views or anything.  Here’s the post:   Buying our First Sailboat- 

Tomorrow we post all about the Rosie the Riveter Museum and this weekend I will continue to work on that series, as well as the Newport Boat Show posts-

Stay with us, follow us and read about our adventures prepping a production boat for bluewater cruising.


Happy Friday & Island Wedding Crashers

Happy Friday,,,,,I have a hard time not reading new posts from “Women who live on Rocks”,,,and this one is not exception.  I think these things can only happen on small islands,,,,so give this fantastic re-blog a read to find out what I mean-

In literature, it’s called magical realism. On my Caribbean rock, it’s called real life.

Source: Island Wedding Crashers

Busy Week

Ok, I’m challenging 1000 people to read this short post, then stay with us as we continue to grow this blog!

As you know, the San Diego Boat show last weekend was pretty awesome and we had a great time.  Then we came home and reality is upon us.  My wife has moved onto our boat three hours away for work purposes and me and the kids are staying put till I retire.  This is our choice and our boggle, but it still throws the family into some chaos every now and then,,,,especially with both me and my wife working full time jobs and keeping up with our 5 and 7 year olds,,,and a Great Dane.  I would’t have it any other way.  We knew the family would be thrown for a bit of a loop, so we’re prepped, now we just get to live through it all while trying to sell the boat and prep to bluewater cruise.

Short post but I’m going to keep it this way so I don’t blather on.  I’d love to have you take a look at our site and consider following us to keep up with the adventure as we prep for blue water cruising on a production sailboat.



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San Diego International Boat Show- Fun before Fathers Day-

Although I miss my kids whenever they’re not with us, I was relieved at the same time to not drag them through the San Diego heat to hours of boat show.  Unlike the Richmond show, this one was all outdoors and the focus was the boats,,,not so much the professional booths.  Yes, some actual sailboat vendors were there and unlike other shows, some of the vendors were actually on the docks, but most vendors at this show were geared toward the well-heeled power boat user, not so much the poor sailor.   There was a good mix of powerboats and sailboats, not many used boats but that’s to be expected.  I also didn’t see a great variety of different sailboat companies, there was the usual few,,,,and a few catamarans, but not more than a handful of names.

Here’s the show in pics,,,,have fun here-

Started off with these new toilets on the docks,,,,with macerators inside them,,,,so no need for a separate macerator,,,,,salt and freshwater toilets, but they all require power-



$949,000,,,,,YES, that much-


Yep, that’s a jacuzzi on the back of this powercat, we went on board her both here and at the Newport show,,,,and she’s docked in our Marina! She’s a steal at $3.8mil

Cool Trimaran, we went onboard-

Next, we got to go on board an Ipanema 56,,,and she’s much more massive than any magazine could show you,,,,but my photos might help illustrate-

Yes, she’s more massive than in magazines

Next, Dennison Yachts let us we tour a grand beauty from the 80’s,,,,wait till you see her inside:

Yes, this is inside a sailboat!

And,,,,finally, on the way out,,,,Dennison hooked us with some great swag,,,and we decided to hit the Tiki Bar,,,but it was cramped and smaller than last year,,,,but we still had a great time:

Ok, look closely at this next picture,,,,as the people watching at boat shows is great,,,,

Look closely at this big Mikelson,,,,the perfect couple were paid to sit here all day and smile and make like a nice couple on a huge fishing boat,,,,and they did!

48.5 Island Packet,,,,only about $1 Million Dollars- But what a great boat,,,,wish we could afford it!

More Sailboats down the row.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons we go to boat shows is for new ideas for our own boat,,,like these shades that are bug nets and blackout shades,,,,we’re getting some!


Liked this idea too, the old foam over the metal paddle board holder,,,,we’re going to do this too!

Overall, this was a great show.  Better on-water show than at Richmond but more disappointing booth’s,,,,not so many focused on actual boat products.

I loved going to the show and will go again every year we’re around.  If you liked my show review,,,,stick around as I have not finished Richmond or the Newport show reviews yet.  Stick with us or follow us,,,,we’re trying to grow! 

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Happy Fathers Day and San Diego International BoatShow

First, Happy Fathers Day to all my readers with kids and thank you for all you do for those kids, whether grown or tiny,,,,doesn’t matter.  It’s NOT Babysitting,,,,it’s parenting!!!

We spent nearly our entire Saturday this weekend at the San Diego International Boatshow and I’ve got pictures and swag to prove it.  Found a boat we both liked very much,,,,but can’t afford the $800,000 price tag,,,,so we’ll stick with production sailboats for now.  Full story coming tomorrow (Monday) night,,,,stick with us-

Sailing with kids? Check out our easy, DIY swim enclosure for catamarans

Here’s a really good idea if u have young kids on a boat who like to swim and u can apply it anywhere.  Too good of an idea for me not to re-blog

We’re at the San Diego international Boat show tomorrow, looking forward to it-

Source: Sailing with kids? Check out our easy, DIY swim enclosure for catamarans

Look beyond toward the milestone

Sure, with my wife moved out things have gotten a bit hectic, but it’s called parenting.  I’m ok with all that.

We’re slowly ticking off actions that must be accomplished in order to move toward the milestone of cruising as a family, here’s what I think some of them are:

Milestone: Cruising as a Family on our own Sailboat-

Actions to Reach Milestone:

  1. We will wait until my wife retires to leave to go cruising and we’ll follow her until then (no matter how long it is). 
  2. Approx 4-6 months before I retire, we’ll put the house up for sale and sell. 
  3. I’ll retire. 
  4. Once moved out of the house, the family will live on the boat. 
  5. Once the wife retires, we’ll leave to play pirates. 

Ok, I have no real idea if this whole perfect sequence will work or not, but I know we’re not going anywhere unless my wife is with us,,, and we’re flexible enough as a family to be able to make big bold decisions on our next move.

We’re going to hit the San Diego International Boat Show this weekend for Father’s Day.   I’ll do a good post all about it with pics of shiny new toys for boats.