In the BVI

We’re in the BVI learning to sail a catamaran and getting the kids broken in to boat life. We’re with great friends and are coming back with lots of insight into catamaran and BVI sailing. The BVI is definitely bruised but not knocked down!


How do we pay for this cruising thing- Loving the passive income

If you haven’t noticed the stock markets because you just don’t care or you’re too poor to even have stocks or bonds, I understand.  The Bull Market that came crashing into 2018 has cooled and started going into ups and downs,,,,,with lots of market reaction to politics and world events.  This is not a market I like very much,,,,because in my opinion it’s fed by emotion rather than solid financial backing right now.  So,,,I’ve re-balanced.  I’m now pretty clearly focused on buying up cheap stocks with high dividends and keeping them, especially if they pay quarterly or monthly dividends as possible income stocks.  To actually make any money on a dividend stock,,,,you’ve got to have a lot of those stocks and you have to make sure to set your account to reinvest those dividends automatically until you need them,,,,to allow the laws of compounding interest to take hold.  This is pretty cheeky and elegant coming from a blogger you don’t know, writing financial info into a sailing blog,,,,but the most important thing to remember is that there are fairly inexpensive high dividend stocks on the market right now.  This process may take a while,,,,,but you’ve got to become the patient turtle,,,,understanding that your money is slowly making you more money,,,,and not give up because you don’t see enough accruing.  It will, but you need to be patient over time and keep in mind your end state?

Below, you’ll find what was supposed to be the companion post to this one,,,but I’ve now written them fairly far apart.  I realized I had not done this one and now the market has gone a bit haywire,,,,,so I re-balanced and took stock of my stocks,,,,,determined to stay focused on my cruising investment stocks.   You can read the story below for more details on dividend stocks.

Holy Extra Wires!

Wow, check out all these extra wires that my electrician took out of the small space that used to house a bunch of radio’s, but the former owner of our boat claimed them as personal property and took them off the boat.  No worries, cause we’ve got some ideas about radio’s and electronics of our own.

This is one day’s worth of work clearing out the radio area,,,,,the picture below is pretty dark, but you’ll get the idea:

Yep, all those wires used to be in this radio cabinet, what a mess.  Glad it’s out!

Small steps to lighten my financial load!

Some of the books I’ve read on achieving millionaire status discuss the habits of those who actually earn and keep that much money (aside from those who win it, inherit it or make it quickly through good stock deals).  The books talk about those who scrimp and save, watch every penny and eliminate things that are just unnecessary.   So last night while doing my best Cinderella impression at the pot shrubbery station called our kitchen sink,,,I thought a lot about material things that me and the family just didn’t need.  My wife had already cancelled several of the wine clubs months ago and last week she cancelled the kids magazines they had been getting (like National Geographic for Kids), but I knew I wanted to go further with simplifying our lives and downsizing bills.  Thinking through what I really needed as I scrubbed and scrubbed, I decided I really didn’t need or want most of the magazine subscriptions we had,,,,,and I’ve let them run out,,,,purposefully tearing up the renewal bills and celebrating every small victory.

The other thing I’ve stopped doing and asked my wife to stop doing is any sort of auto renewal on anything.  To do this, you need to put a credit card down on most things,,,,like AAA, some insurances, magazines and lots of other conveniences.  STOP.  Before you know it,,,,you’ll look at your bills and wonder where all your money is going and what’s getting paid.  I did this several months ago and finally found everything that’s on auto-renewal.  My wife jokes that I’m the last person in the world to write checks for all of our bills, but I like the simplicity of knowing what I’m paying and for what time period.  This is what those millionaire books made a point of,,,,,people who knew what they were paying and decided on every cent were more likely to save that money than those who paid without much thought.  The latest book I’m reading takes this to an extreme that I can’t do.  It’s whole premise is the “worth” of your time on this earth and how much of your time and effort you’re willing to trade for every single dollar you earn in any job.  Pretty neat premise that’s opened my eyes to several things.  I started with simply steps,,,,like the ones above: tearing up renewal bills, eliminating wine clubs and auto-pay bills where possible, closely monitoring our non-food shopping to decide if what we buy is worth my time, eliminating Sirius XM and looking closely at what can fit on the boat and what will be trashed in storage.

These are small steps, but lead to overall savings if you can eliminate more and more or just not renew things like Sirius and magazine subscriptions.  Try it, you might not notice what you’re missing!

LF2SF checks out the Caribbean

Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy

They’ve set me loose in the BVI with my new GoPro, camera and computer,,,,plus a license to sail!  With kids in tow following my wife where she wants to go,,,,,we can’t wait to check it all out and post highlights.   We love the BVI and the Caribbean in general, mostly for the warm and generous people we meet.  Make sure you tune in all week in case I get motivated enough to post and actually learn to use my GoPro-

LF2SF- BVI Bound

Here at LF2SF, we write about sailing, cruising, adventure travel and family travel.  We don’t just write about it, we live our own adventures.  LF2SF is off to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to spend some time sailing a bareboat catamaran with family and friends.  We’re taking our 6 & 8-year-old girls on their first real out of country sailing adventure, as we prep for our own cruising trip in the future.  I will make every effort to take advantage of the promised WiFi on the boat and get pics and stories up on the blog as often as possible, but please understand if you don’t see regular posts for a week or so.  We’re off adventure traveling with our kids and several of our friends.

Looking straight toward the Beef Island Airport on Tortola, BVI.  Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy.

Stay Tuned!

Where to charter? My dummy advice

Where to charter??? read the rest!  Hi,,,,I’m so happy you’ve spent enough time to get to this sentence in this post,,,,cause you might actually be interested in bareboat chartering.  So here’s my dummy advice on where to charter: wherever you want; but make sure you know what you’re getting into and you can navigate well enough to get around.  Why you might ask?  Well, winter bareboat chartering in the British Virgin Islands with line of sight navigation is very different from winter chartering in Greece and 1000 % different from winter chartering in Alaska! It’s that simple,,,,know where you want to go, how to navigate and what you’re getting into and then GO!

Personally, I wanted to bareboat charter in Croatia this season but the airline tickets were too expensive and we couldn’t have gone with a group of friends, because of the ticket prices.  Then I looked into chartering in the Sea of Cortez in the Baja, but we already know we’re going there ourselves on our own boat,,,,so we wanted to go somewhere we don’t often get to go to.  Finally, we settled on the British Virgin Islands and actually talked four other friends into going with us,,,,defraying the cost of the boat and the food.  And,,,,the best part is they know what to expect from us and our kids,,,,they have some time with the kids and can stand to be around them.

So find places you want to go with things you want to do,,,,that you can afford and GO!

Saturday Morning Minney’s Run

By the time you read this,,,,I will hopefully be cheerfully driving Southern California freeway’s with my salty crew in the back,,,,on the way to our annual or semi-annual visit to Minney’s Surplus in Newport Beach, Ca.  If you’ve never been there, I think it’s quite possibly a life changing experience for some sailors, especially when you realize you can actually trade your old gear in order to get credit to buy other stuff you really need,,,,or you don’t really need but want.  This is not a store for the faint of heart,,,,as you’ll be overwhelmed by Minney’s if you go in unprepared for the sheer scale of the sailing and boating junk and gear available.  Anything from original pirate anchors to used heads and a large and complex variety of sails is available here.  The staff is friendly and generally allows my children in the store at least once per year,,,,and allows pets too.  As for my purpose,,,,well,,,,I’m feeling the tug of Minney’s at this time of year and hot wife is busy Saturday morning, so I’m taking the kids and heading to Minney’s.

If you take my advice and make a pilgrimage to Minney’s in Newport, Ca,,,,tell them that LF2SF sent you and prepare to receive no discount and a blank stare!

First Pot on the Boat!

firYep, this will be weird to some of you,,,,but to me it’s a milestone.  Two weeks ago we figured out how to get the propane working on Tulum V and cooked our very first meal on our own boat and on the stove.  A normal process for most people in the world and a very small thing that most don’t think about,,,but on a boat this can be pretty complex.  First, is there propane left,,,,there was.  Next, is the actuator working to get said propane to the stove,,,,it did.  Last, does the stove work,,,,it did.  So we cooked,,,,a great pot of rice to go with the barbecued chicken!

Ohh yeah,,,and the boat got the final word.  The propane cylinders are nearly empty,,,but there’s a hefty cable and cable lock without a key,,,,so I get to cut it off next time I’ve down there.  Wish we had thought about asking for that key!  This is why I love sailboats; there’s always something to keep me challenged and make me think through problem sets.