Two Boats in 1 weekend,,,,what the hell ?

First, Happy Presidents Day.  This holiday used to have more significance than just some time off for folks; and I respect what the great Presidents associated with this holiday actually did.  We however,,,,,bought two boats this weekend………. Continue reading


Tulum V

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

We closed on the Aleutian 51 motorsailor on Friday.  Finally.  I’ll write about this exhausting purchase process in future posts but needless to say I’m relieved.  It’s been a bit of a struggle to remember the positive points that attracted us to her in the first place; but we’ve finally closed and started work on her this morning.  This boat just needs some TLC and of course being a “77”;  she’ll need some TLC + cash put into her at the right time as needed.  But we know she’s got good bones and she has lots of features we like, so we continued to believe in those qualities even when we were worn down by the lengthy process of discovery.  The process wasn’t helped by me blowing out both my eardrums or the fact that we didn’t have an easy time of the sales process, but that’s for other posts.  Right now, I’m totally relieved to do all of the work we did today because I’m back to a production sailboat that’s right for my family and has the ability to become our home on the dock and cross any ocean imaginable if we choose that route.  We’re still selling our own house in the next five months and moving onto this boat in July, to live on her until we change our minds or leave on our own cruising trip.  I love the interaction with all of you and the fact that some of you actually read this blog thing with all these storie, keep it up-

Tomorrow, photo essay of today’s adventure with trash and cleanup,,,,trying to show you what NOT to do when you finally sell your boat and walk off it.  We didn’t do this when we sold Tulum IV and I don’t want you to do it when you sell your own boat.  Stay with us, that story tomorrow.

We’re moving toward Tulum 5

We’re still in the deal for a 1977 51′ Aleutian sailboat and moving forward.  The boat needs a lot of work and TLC, but I think she has good bones.  We’ve had almost every survey possible done to her and know the condition of some of what we’re getting into,,,,I think.  Either a diamond in the rough or a rough diamond?   We will  chronicle this buying experience in a future post series, but need to wait until we close to start working on that series.  This time around,,,,we’re not going into a boat backwards.  Last time we christened her, moved stuff on her and moved her,,,,before ever thinking of closely inspecting and cleaning her.  When we put her up for sale in October of 2016,,,,we started detail cleaning her and figured out we should have done that first and all along.  Who knew that oiling the teak would have such an effect on a boat’s morale, looks and overall smell?  The teak just soaked it up and overnight she took on a healthy glow.  These are the little things we need to take the time to do on a new (to us) boat.  I also need to catalog in writing where every through-hull is and make sure to get to know all the systems.  This needs to happen early, before we start putting anything on the boat.

Stay with us,,,,we’re moving toward a boat that needs TLC but may prove to be a great cruising boat.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone♥-

Good morning,  I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  To those of you who might be a bit bitter- well, I’m a bit bitter too.  My wife lives three hours away from me for work (we’re totally not divorced) and is at work down there on this Valentine’s Day.  To not be bitter about all this, I remember how lucky we are to have a strong relationship and a healthy family.  For holidays like this and last year’s 4th of July when I had to drive home (on 4th of July) because I had to be at work on the morning of the 5th of July and the girls were back in school, we just celebrate the day before or the weekend before,,,,so we always make the best of the situation at hand.  Single folks may refer to this as “Bitter Bitch Day”,,,,(or so some women tell me),,,,but remember it’s not all bad, there’s always a glimmer around the corner.

Photo credit to Pexels

If you keep following LF2SF and tell your friends to follow, all of your sailing trips will end up like the one below,,,,have a great Valentines Day wherever you are-

Great ending to any boat trip, land in sight on a clear day-

Reblog- Week Party, in The Cove!

This is a great post from a unique blogger and blog site.  Like the Opinionated Man Meet and Greet’s that I’ve reblogged in the past, this is the same flavor but different strain, in a great way.  Follow the link to find some unique and colorful bloggers writing about most anything-   via Week Party, in The Cove!

Not yet, one more day-

Today’s 5pm deadline for a boat decision came and went.  Like sailing, some things need to be put off till tomorrow, so we’ve pushed the deadline back to tomorrow (Thursday) at 5 pm.  That’s all I can say for now.   I know, I know, it’s frustrating for me too!

In case you don’t know,,,,we’re in the middle of trying to buy a sailboat but ran into a few challenges, which we continue to work through-