Reblogged: Want to Retire Early?

If this is where you want to be, solid finances will help, ALOT.

When I came across this post from the Aroused Blog post, I knew I had to reblog it.  This post feeds directly into another I’m working on in conjunction with an article I’ve read from the November 2018 issue of Kiplingers magazine.   Ever heard of the FIRE movement?  This is unique group of highly motivated individuals who save their money in large amounts with the express desire to retire early.  I wanted to retire early and have achieved this in my mid-40’s, but I had never even heard of this movement when I started toward retirement.  Read the interesting article below by the Aroused Blog and consider checking that blog out, then keep an eye out for my Weds or Fri post as I discuss the idea of retiring early in conjunction with going on an extended cruising trip.

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Wanna join the 2019 Baja HaHa and cut the docklines this year?   Signups start in early May!



MLK Day in the US-

On this day that the United States uses to celebrate the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, I’m proud of our diversity and the unique nature of the United States.

We’re not sailing this weekend- but I’m looking forward to the  first Boatshow of the season next weekend.  LF2SF will be at the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show and looking forward to it.  We’re only going to three boat shows this season, but we’ll cover them with photos and stories as we go.

Looking to your Rode: Chain Marking My Way

If you own a boat and haven’t a clew what your Rode is; perhaps it’s time to learn?  In boating parlance, Rode prefers to the entire system used to keep a boat anchored in one place (but not a mooring)- this means the chain/rope, attachment swivels and any kind of anchor.  Today we’re only discussing the chain/rope portion of a Rode, although anchors are a favorite subject too.  Ever hauled out your chain or rope and paid attention to them?  If not, this post may be some help:  Continue reading

Quincy’s Sunday Corner- 190113

Quincy the Boat Dog is a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat.  She’s not always sure how to take her owners.  She loved her life in the lap of luxury in a house with heat and A/C and her exquisite giant red dog bed.  Then things changed.  She’s not sure how to describe them now. Continue reading

190107 & 190109- Continuing the fight on fat!

I know I’m not going back to Crossfit as it involves lots of arms and heavy lifting, but my elbow can’t take it…and I’m not gonna take the risk of messing things up even more by trying to be a big stud.  My body tells me what I can and can’t do.  I know I can still run, so I’ve started to ease back into some running.  I’m starting light and slow, I’m always slow.  I have no desire to gain more weight, so I’m going to find ways to continue to exercise.  Monday and Wednesday of this week I hit the treadmill.  It works, but there’s no place for my phone and it dropped several times as I was running.  Pretty funny to see my phone bouncing along on the treadmill with the earbuds ripping out of my ears and the phone getting spit off the end of the treadmill.  Got to find a better way to listen to my music….as I’m not sure the rest of the Marina wants to hear my stuff at high volume.  I’m gonna continue to run at least three days a week when possible.

Even if you’re injured, I think there’s always some way to find to exercise (even at a minimum level).  I’m going to be the living example of this theory as I continue the fight on fat!

Your Introduction to My Green Egg Cooking Experience

This was Friday’s post but I didn’t write it till this morning because I was stuck putting in a third main faucet after the second one turned out to be defective and leaked. Fuck! But I’ve recovered and now you can read this first post of my Category (Green Egg on a Sailboat).  Continue reading

Money for Cruising- Dividends and Less Debt

I started this post several days ago.  Most posts take me several days to write if I need to put some thought and application into them.  It’s been raining in San Diego  and cold.  But the good news is that the new float switches that we just put into our bilge pumps work like a charm.  Good News.  Continue reading

Re-Blog- If You Want To Grow Your Follower Numbers, Do So Here… — Dream Big, Dream Often

Here’s a way to jumpstart your own blog or just check out some great new writers who are working on growing their blogs like me.  Check out the link and put your own info on this share board and re-blog this yourself-

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Quincy’s Corner-190106

Quincy is a nearly 5-year old pure bred Great Dane who lives on our sailboat as we prepare to go bluewater cruising in October of 2019.  Since this is our second sailboat, one could make the argument that we bought this boat just for her,,,,they might be right.  Every Sunday is Quincy’s time to jump on the blog….sharing whatever’s on her mind with all of you.  Come follow us to keep up with her and our adventures- Continue reading