Live Free 2 Sail Fast

The adventures of a family Sailing to points south of the border, taking life slowly

We’re the LF2SF Crew- Chad, Michelle, Teagan, Kellyn and Quincy the Great Dane. We live onboard our sailboat Tulum V as we sail to points south of the border, taking life slowly. If someone reading this page could take nothing else off our website, please know that I believe there’s a boat or sailboat within most ANYONE’s reach. If we could buy a decent boat with nothing down and not a lot of money for upgrades, most anyone else can do it. Follow us to continue to read our story or ask us questions if you need advice. I’m no expert at much of anything, but we managed to buy a sailboat and keep her afloat this long, we’re going to continue to muddle through it as we roll along.

Living Life at a Different Pace

It's not always Cold beer and fish tacos, but What in life is?

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