A Model in Nepal


I’m re-blogging this both to share of photos and to let my readers share the story.  Some of my readers have been to Nepal and may be able to see some of the places they’ve been, but probably not to this hotel in the mountains where the author stays. Its a good story with great photos.  If you like the story, check out her website.  If you like our stories, keep reading our posts-

We arrived in Katmandu early afternoon. Being in a habit to rush off the plane, I noticed only the tourists were hurrying, worried about queues and luggage and airport wifi. Local Nepalese travelers smiled peacefully, letting us push past.”Namaste, welcome,” smiled a man in a uniform. “Namaste,” I replied and bombarded him with visa related questions. He […]

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New Bottom for Tulum

As I’ve said in another post, third time for an offer on our sailboat will be a charm, but we’re actively working to make it happen if I can.  I was considering/thinking that lowering the price of the boat to spark interest might be just what we needed going into the spring time, but not so.  Our crack broker (from Yachtfinders – Windseakers) suggested something else, a better solution.  Getting the bottom repainted instead of lowering the price was his suggestion; so we went for it and are getting the bottom redone.  I have to admit that after acceptance sank in that this was a better idea than mine,,,the price of the bottom paint job isn’t nearly what I expected and won’t take very long.

Tulum coming out of the water for her new bottom paint.


So, Tulum was taken out of the water and will get her new bottom job (power wash, barrier coats and then finally two coats of paint),,,making her bottom perfect and completing most all the major repairs we need to get done on her-


Can’t wait to start taking pictures with our new camera, stay with us to see them and FOLLOW our blog please-

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Down Baja by Bike, a reblog from B-Outside

I know exactly why I like these posts from B-Outside so much.  They’re real, the author is doing things he loves, takes great pictures and he takes the time to explore as he goes.  I like this.  He also knows how to say cool things, like “Wiskey Tango Foxtrot”,,,which I can identify with.  Bravo Zulu to him,,,,I hope he keeps it up.

If you like his article, follow his blog or choose to buy him a beer via the donation button on his blog.   If you like the fact that I’m reposting his stuff, follow us.  This site is just about to get a new camera because my wife just told me about the salt water damage she may or may not have been responsible for,,,,so our pictures should improve marginally as I learn to use the new camera!

Keep reading, great story and photos ahead-

THE PLAN The sketchy construction North of La Paz meant setting an alarm. I know, alarms during a relaxing trip such as this (whiskey tango foxtrot?), but my thought was it would probably be the best plan to traverse the construction zone that nearly gave me heart palpitations during the morning hours when it was […]

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Boats at Sunset- BVI




Great Harbor Beach- Yost- BVI’s



FOXY’s on Jost Van Dyke, BVI-

Her First Pain Killer


Need I say much more?  You’re reading this on LiveFree2SailFast and we LOVE your company.  Stay with us for more adventure and warm latitudes.  Yes, that is really our friend’s very FIRST Painkiller, but not her last. –

The three essential “B’s” in the Islands

Wow, Captain Morgan might be in Paradise!

With great writing and good photographs, its really hard to believe this blog only has 8 followers, but I think that will change soon.  So refreshing to read about those who went off the “beaten path” so to speak to find their own slice of paradise.  I think a few of my readers will take a close look at this article to see if they’ve been here themselves.  Take a read, if you like, consider following Capt Morgan Out Island and continue to read about their adventures in the South Pacific. If you like my choice in re-bloging,,,stay with us by following, the adventure’s just starting.

We stumbled upon it, during the waning hours of a day sail between one Leeward Society Island and another. Instead of continuing to the pass we’d planned for entering Raiatea’s lagoon, we made the spot-decision to sail through another, more easily made on the point of sail we’d enjoyed all day. Our Morgan Out […]


Want to be a Librarian in the Galapagos? Read On-

It’s pretty humbling to read this story that I’ve re-posted and digest everything that’s been done with nearly no funding, all volunteers and donations from literally around the world.  This is a story that needs to be read and digested to understand what a little effort and fierce determination can do.  Anyone want to be a Librarian in the Galapagos?

Thank you for giving me a volunteer project to occupy my 2 years on the Galapagos Islands. I needed it. We went from this: to this: to this: In less than 2 years, we built an open air library at the Tomas de Berlanga school and increased the collection from 400 semi-acceptable books to over […]

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Hot Couple and Great Pictures

While I may not roll in a power boat like these guys, they are one of the most photogenic couples blogging and cruising; and they’re out there doing it and I’m happy for them as a couple.  For great pics of the Bahamas and to see the swimming pigs,,,take a look at this post-

Sorry about the lack of blog posts! Wi-fi is scarce and to be candid, its a lot of the same day in and day out. See above if you’re wondering what we’re up to on the daily! We’re now making our way back to the States – traveling each day as the wind/weather permits. I’m […]

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Tarpon Shark Teaser

Yep, this is just a teaser for you,,,,cause a friend just got back from the BVI’s and brought us a load of photos.  I’m jealous.  We’ve been to the BVI a couple of times and love it.  Last time we were there, we saw a lot of these at night (after wine and rum drinks) and kind of thought they were small sharks.  The Locals laughed their asses off when they told us the fish were just Tarpon,,,but to us they became the “Tarpon Sharks”.  You had to be there I guess, it was funnier then- still funny to us!

(Hope I’ve done this right and the video works)-

DC in View from Exploratorius

I’ve reblogged this photo, it’s not mine and all credit must be given to Exploratorius, who must be a professional photographer.  I like his black and white photos, which is why I reblog those ones that say something to me.  Check out his website and think about following his blog is you like his work.

Washington, DC, is filled with many dozens — if not hundreds — of monuments and architectural wonders that you could spend years fully exploring… or so it is with me. I observe a new detail every time that I go down there for a business meeting or personal visit, and this instance was no different.

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